Frequently Asked Questions


Since Covid-19 we have added No Contact Delivery. With No Contact deliveries we have encountered some customers that are not tipping. Please remember to tip. If you do not tip we will add automatic gratuity onto your future orders. Drivers have the right to refuse orders, if we cannot find a  driver that will not take your order we will have to cancel your order with the restaurant. If we cancel it and the restaurant has started cooking your food we still have to pay them. By adding gratuity up front you have the choice to order or not.


1. ***Tips on getting the most for your money.

1. Pay with cash - There is a 4% charge on all credit card orders.

2. Order from Exclusive restaurants. (Lower Fees) 

3. Like us on facebook - for any specials that we may have going on.

4. Get on our e-mail list - on our facebook page for exclusive deals.


2. What are your hours? 

      Monday - Friday 10am - 8:30

       Saturday 10am - 8:30

      Sunday 10am - 7pm


3. How long does it take for delivery?

We try to get orders to you within 30 - 60 minutes.  However, certain factors such as traffic, distance, restaurant preparation time, weather and other factors may play a role in the delivery time.  Please know that we are always working hard to get your order delivered as quickly as possible. We will give you an estimated delivery time when order is placed. We appreciate your patience.

4. What is a service fee ?

       There is a service fee added to each order. 5% service fee is added to Exclusive  restaurant partners and 5% to 20% for NON Exclusive restaurants. THE RESTAURANT DECIDES ANY EXTRA FEES OR UP CHARGES NOT D.I.D. This fee is to take some of the cost of delivery off of restaurants. With all of the restrictions to restaurants, soaring food costs and demand for higher pay, since COVID-19  restaurants are struggling to stay afloat. The bottom line is we want our restaurants to be around for a long time and this is one way we can help ensure this. 

5. Do you accept coupons?

We cannot accept coupons from the resaurants we deliver for but we have coupons frequently on our web page or Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages. Get on our e-mail or text list for exclusive coupons.


6. What is the delivery area?

Our delivery area covers Bedford, Sylvania  Toledo     and surrounding areas. We will be expanding in the future. 


7. How much does it cost to have something delivered?

Our delivery system is based on mileage from the restaurant to the address the order will be delivered to. A standard delivery fee starts at $3.99 for deliveries from our Exclusive partnered restaurants under 3  miles and goes up $0.75 a mile after. Delivery starts at $4.49 for our Non exclusive restaurants. 

8. Are prices the same as if I would go in and order at the restaurant ?

 Dine in Delivery does NOT raise prices on partnered restaurants. Restaurants determine prices they would like on our menu. If you see a difference in a restaurants prices than what is on their in store menu, it is at restaurants request. 

9. Do the mobile waiters accept gratuity? We reserve the right  to add gratuity

We strongly recommend tipping your delivery driver. We retain the same Mobile Waiters and they WILL remember you. Since the drivers are contracted they can refuse any order. We will cancel your order if we can't find a driver to take it. If enough drivers refuse to go to a particular customer because they do not tip, D.I.D. reserves the right to place that customer's account in an Auto Tip mode.  This means a 15% tip will be assessed and charged automatically on those accounts.  Drivers are just like waiters in a restaurant; they work for tips. Our drivers are not paid an hourly wage their only compensation is a small fee for each order they deliver. Drivers must maintain their own vehicles and pay for their own fuel. Mobile waiters unlike traditional waiters do not have multiple tables.  They take one delivery at a time to ensure your food arrives hot and as quick as possible. Orders over $75.00 and all orders going to Hotels, Hospitals, Factories, and Businesses include an automatic gratuity.  There may be an additional tip added on for certain areas or deliveries. 


10. What if there is a problem with my order?


Orders cannot be refunded -  D.I.D is a third party delivery service and cannot approve a refund. Our mobile waiters are not allowed to check order themselves, but are thoroughly trained to go over the entire order with the restaurant and then have you check the order upon delivery. Your Mobile Waiter will ask if everything is correct and to your satisfaction. If anything is incorrect or missing your waiter will retrieve missing or incorrect item immediately. Once waiter leaves all sales are final. Do not contact restaurant. You MUST check your order to make sure it is accurate and to your satisfaction before driver leaves. After driver leaves nothing can be done ! 

11. Do you have a minimum order?

Our minimum order is $15.00 for exclusive restaurants and $20.00 on NON Exclusive restaurants before taxes and delivery.


12. What types of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Dine in Delivery gift cards.  When paying via credit card a 4% service fee shall be applied.  You must present a photo ID to the mobile waiter when ordering via credit card.

13. Still have questions ?

            If you still have questions please e-mail us support@didbedford.com . We will get back with you as soon as possible.  


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